Tuesday, December 13, 2011


For those individuals that are considering having a facelift procedure performed, taking the time to find the best Marin county plastic surgeon for the job is essential. There are hundreds of cosmetic surgeons that can perform the procedure, but as a candidate for this procedure, one must truly take the time to do their research, find the top rated San Francisco Bay area surgeons, and make sure that they choose the best surgeon for the job. With such a major surgical procedure, prior to choosing a surgeon, it is wise to take the time to research, get referrals, and ask local professionals about which surgeons are truly the best in the area.
For starters, when considering a facelift, the individual considering the procedure has to research. Using online sites, contacting the directory of plastic surgeons, and requesting information from as many San Francisco Bay area cosmetic surgery offices around, will ensure the right office is chosen. By doing online reviews, you will be able to find before and after photos, client testimonials, and the certifications and degree that the surgeons have. This will also allow the researcher to find information as to how many years the cosmetic surgeon has been in practice, and how many facelift procedures they have performed. The more sites that are visited, and the more surgeons that you research, the more information you will have, in order to help you choose the right one for the procedure.
Another means of finding the right surgeon is to ask for referrals. You can ask a local hospital, your doctor, or others you know who may have had a facelift procedure performed. There are also online referral sites, which will give key information on the best plastic surgeon in the Marin County area. Referrals and word of mouth advertising is probably the strongest indication of how great a plastic surgeon is. The more individuals refer a surgeon to you, the higher the likelihood that they are truly the best. On the other hand, those surgeons that constantly get negative reviews and referrals, are likely to be the ones you should avoid.
Lastly, going in for a consultation, meeting the plastic surgeon, and getting a feel for the offices must be done. After getting the referrals and reviews, the individual considering the facelift procedure should make a short list of three to five surgeons, and go in for a consultation. This will allow them to get information on the procedure, meet the surgeon and his or her staff, and get a feel for the offices. Here you will also get information on pricing, recovery, and what to expect. After going to consultations, taking the time to choose the best surgeon, and the one that you felt most comfortable with, is the final task.
By taking the time to go through these steps, you can feel confident in the decision you ultimately make, and you can feel confident that you are choosing the best San Francisco Bay area plastic surgeon for the procedure.   He has offices in San Francisco at Union Square and Marin County in Novato.
Before and after Facelift